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Soap Dispensers

 Soap dispensers come in a variety sizes, material types and pump types (push-button or automatic).  From stainless steel to clear plastic dispensers, soap dispensers provide an easy way to dispense soap.

Types of Soap Dispensers

There are basically two types of soap dispensers.  Automatic soap dispensers or touch free soap dispensers and manual pump soap dispensers.

Soap Dispensers fall into two categories:

  • Commercial Soap Dispensers
  • Residential Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers can be mounted in three different ways; in the countertop, on the surface or wall mounted, and recessed into the wall.

There are five reservoir types available.  Bulk, which are usually large capacity containers.  Cartridge type, which are usually specific to a particular vendor or manufacturer.  The classic globe type dispensers are favored  in schools and office buildings.  Tank type dispensers, common for many years and are specified by architects around the world.  The last type is the urn, a unique style dispenser.

  • Bulk Type Soap Dispensers
  • Cartridge "Bag-in-Box" Soap Dispensers
  • Globe Soap Dispensers
  • Tank Soap Dispensers
  • Urn Soap Dispensers

For doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and medical professionals manufactures also make a surgical foot operated soap dispensers and surgical soap dispensers.  This unique soap dispenser is designed to eliminate germs and bacteria transfer when medical professionals wash their hands.  The soap dispenser is operated by your foot instead of your hand.  This is a distinct advantage because the dispenser is not touched by the hands that are being cleaned. 

Another feature to look for is the reservoir size or capacity.  Sizes and capacities vary and can mean that you maybe filling the dispensers too often.  It could be too  large, allowing the product to age.

The materials used to manufacture soap dispensers are generally metal and ABS plastic.  Stainless steel soap dispensers provide an easily maintainable finish and a long lasting clean appearance.  ABS plastic soap dispensers provide and economical way to dispense soap that can be stylish and appealing.

  • Stainless Steel Soap Dispensers
  • ABS Plastic Soap Dispensers

Soap for soap dispensers comes in two basic forms.  Liquid soap is by far the most widely use form of soap.  Most soap dispensers are liquid soap dispensers.  Easily refillable liquid soap dispensers are found in restaurants, hotel, commercial builds, schools, business, schools and homes.  Powdered soap can provide more cleaning power than liquid soaps.  Powder soap dispensers are command used in manufacturing, schools, and in commercial faculties were washing grim from you hands is more common.

Soap dispensers promote good hygiene.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), washing your hand with soap and water is one way to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases.  Here are some articles.

There are two ways you can lengthen the life of a soap dispenser.





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