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Soap Dispensers - Touch Me or Touch Free?

There are basically 2 types of soap dispensers found in public restrooms. Both are often empty. One is the manual-pump type, referred to here as the "touch-me" dispenser and the other is the preferred "touch-free" or automatic-pump soap dispenser. You may have noticed that both types can be mounted in most restrooms - surface mount, recess mount or countertop is available and they come in these reservoir styles - bulk, cartridge, globe, tank or urn. Regardless of the type or style, they all have the same purpose, i.e.; dispense antibacterial soap for prevention of illnesses which are spread by unclean hands. Unfortunately every variety of germ, virus and microscopic health hazard known to man can be found in, around and on the often slimy dispenser itself, since the hands that are used to operate other restroom appliances were most recently wandering in personal places. On the other hand however, there is the automatic "touch-free" dispenser that allows you to operate the dispenser with only the shadow of your hand - due to an ingenious mechanism called a sensor. At long last and for the health of us all, automatic dispensers are finally becoming the standard. The next time you visit a restroom that still has the older manual soap and towel dispensers, please go to management and ask them to get with the health revolution and replace them with the more sanitary "automatic soap dispensers". This goes for the manual towel dispensers also. Automatic paper towel dispensers or the forced-air hand dryer is much more sanitary, creates less rubbish, saves trees and is more economical. Which type soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser would you rather a kitchen worker use before preparing your next meal? If you are a contractor, builder, facility manager or business owner, please take note of the fact that employee sick leave = lost $, much of which is attributable to infectious diseases transmitted by hand. Employee absenteeism due to illness could be significantly reduced by the replacement of manual restroom accessories with the touch-free dispenser models. Do us all a favor! Buy touch-free automatic soap dispensers and automatic towel dispensers and hand dryers for the health of us. Show your employees and customers that you have high sanitation standards. Soap dispensers are required in all public restrooms by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and numerous state and local health laws. Whichever soap dispenser you choose, or if you are limited to the manual type soap dispenser already installed in your restrooms, fill them with “antibacterial” soap to reduce employee sick leave and to protect your patrons from flu viruses such as H1N1, staph infections, c.Diff and the common cold. When the opportunity comes, strongly consider installing touch-free dispensers of all types. Automatic touch-free dispensers for soap and paper towels are now affordable and easy to install.





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