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Counter Top Soap Dispensers

Counter top soap dispensers provide a clean look to the sink area in a large capacity soap dispenser.  This means a savings for the owner and convenience for the user as well as a clean look.  Counter top soap dispensers can sometimes be place so the spout is over the sink bowl allowing.  This would eliminate the puddle of soap under a wall mounted dispenser.  Furthermore, the dispenser does not have to be filled as often (this means less time spent  refilling the dispenser) providing soap when the end user needs it.

These soap dispensers may also be known as in-counter soap dispensers or lavatory mounted soap dispensers because they mount through an opening in the counter allowing the pump and spout to be exposed and concealing the refillable bottle or reservoir that holds the soap.

Bradley Corporation calls their counter top soap dispensers lavatory mounted soap dispensers.  Bradley offers 5 lavatory mounted soap dispensers.  Four of these are manual pump type valve.  These offer the flexibility of using the liquid soap of your choice.

  • Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispenser 2½" Spout 6322
  • Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispenser 4" Spout 6324
  • Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispenser 6" Spout 6326
  • Frequency® Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispenser 3½" Spout 6443

Bradley Corporation's lavatory mounted sensored soap dispenser has several quality features including battery or A/C power supplies, multiple units (up to 4) operated with one battery pack or A/C unit and a hygienically preferred no-touch operation.

Choosing the right counter top soap dispenser
Space for installation and amount of usage are important.  Inspect the counter, on top and from the bottom.  Determining the placement of the dispenser on the top of the counter will help decide the spout length.  Obstacles under the counter like the sink bowl, plumping connections and draws can make it very hard to install and refill the bottle or replace the cartridge.  Make sure you have enough room to install the dispenser without touching any obstacles.  If you feel you will have allot of usage consider using a larger container or cartridge.  32oz container instead of a 16oz container.  The automatic soap dispensers use a 1,000(24oz) shot  or 2,000(54oz) shoot soap cartridge.

Other manufactures include Bobrick, American Specialties, Inc., Jofel and SaniFlow.

 Bradley® Corporation

Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispenser |  Buy Online


  • ADA Compliant
  • Manual Pump Type Valve
  • Manufactured with Stainless Steel Piston and Spout
  • 4-3/4" Shank Length
  • Liquid Soap
  • Available in:
    • 16oz capacity plastic soap container
    • 32oz capacity plastic soap container
    • 16oz Stainless Steel soap container
  • Models 6322, 6324, and 6326
  • 2-1/2", 4" and 6" Spouts
  • BradEX®

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Frequency® Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispenser |  Buy Online


  • Lavatory-Mounted 6334
  • Manual Pump-Type Valve
  • 3-1/2" Spout
  • ADA Compliant
  • PLUNGER AND FLANGE ASSEMBLIES: heavy chrome-plated brass.
  • SHANK: molded ABS plastic.
  • PUMP ASSEMBLY: molded clear ABS plastic.
  • VALVE COMPONENTS: Celcon, Buna-N rubber or stainless steel.
  • SOAP BOTTLE: translucent polyethylene. 16 oz. capacity.
  • BradEX®

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Lavatory Mounted Sensored Soap Dispenser |  Buy Online


  • ADA Compliant
  • 5½" Spout
  • Reliable Infrared Activation and Metering
  • Spout is Chrome Finish over Plastic
  • Low battery & low soap refill LED light indicators
  • Battery powered (4 "D" size batteries not included)
  • Soap cartridge (ordered separately) not included.
  • 1,000(24oz) or 2,000(54oz) soap cartridges
  • BradEX®

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