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Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers come in two basic types; wall mounted and lavatory mounted.

Wall mounted automatic soap dispensers provides easy access and are easy to install.  Wall mount automatic soap dispensers are the most common type of automatic soap dispenser.  Wall mounted soap dispensers are battery operated.

Lavatory mounted, mounted in the counter, automatic soap dispensers provide a clean architectural look and easy access for the users.  Lavatory mounted automatic soap dispensers offer both battery and A/C power supplies.  The power supply and reservoir are concealed under the counter.

There are many advantages to using automatic soap dispensers in restrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and hotels. The main ones are sanitation, conservation, and in particular convenience.

  • Sanitation Restrooms get so many visitors that many people prefer to touch as few things as possible while using them. If you install a countertop mounted soap dispenser your patrons will need to touch the dispenser with their dirty hands in order to get out the soap. With an automatic or touch free soap dispenser, your visitors will no longer need to touch the same surface that hundreds of others have touched after using the restroom.
  • Conservation These automatic soap dispensers lead to conservation and therefore save you money - because the amount of soap distributed can be controlled on an individual user basis. These dispensers can allow you to dictate how much soap is released per use and thus lead to less consumption by your visitors than you would have with a standard, recessed soap dispenser.
  • Convenience As common as other touch free technologies have become, people are growing rather accustomed to having this convenience in as many places as possible.

Automatic soap dispensers are electric and require a source of power.  They are powered by either batteries or direct current via a power supply.  Because these automatic soap dispensers are electric they can not be used in the shower.  By default automatic soap dispensers must be electric because they perform a manual operation without touching the unit.  Automatic soap dispensers detect the presences of you hand and pump soap from the reservoir.  The electricity is used to power the sensor that detects your hand and the pump that dispenses the soap.





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