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 Wall Mounted Automatic Soap Dispensers

Wall mounted automatic soap dispensers mostly use infrared sensor technology to sense when a hand is in place and ready for soap.  It is important that the wall mounted automatic soap dispensers is place in a good location and according to the manufactures specifications.  Because these dispensers use infrared sensor technology they can be affected by objects around them and lighting.  A quality wall mounted automatic soap dispenser, installed using the manufactures instructions, will perform without problems for a long time.

Wall mounted automatic soap dispensers use batteries to power the infrared sensor and the pump that dispenses the soap from the reservoir.  Choosing a good quality battery will reduce the maintenance and increase the life of the dispensers.

Quality is a consideration.  Decide if you have a commercial or home & hotel application.  Commercial wall mounted automatic soap dispensers are manufactured for more usage.  Restaurants, hospitals, and public restrooms would require a more durable product.  Churches, homes & hotels may wish to install a more elegant dispenser with a home & hotel wall mounted automatic soap dispenser that is also more cost effective in the initial purchase.


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This stainless steel automatic soap dispenser is commercial grade.  This is a new product from American Specialties, Inc.  The soap is loaded from the top and the batteries are loaded from the bottom.  It mounts to the wall using the screws included.  Battery life will depend on your usage but should last from one to three months.  American Specialties, Inc. or ASI manufacture two touch free soap dispensers in stainless steel and white high impact plastic.


This is a durable commercial grade automatic soap dispenser.  The Simplicity Plus by UltraClenz, LLC uses a patented pump and infrared sensor technology that reliably dispenses liquid and is immune to light conditions.

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The TOUCHLESS™ automatic soap dispenser by Better Living Products International Inc. with infrared sensor technology provides “hands-free” activation.  Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens in Homes, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Hospitals, Resorts, Hotels, Spas, Cruse Lines and Lodges.




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