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WAVE™ Soap Dispenser

WAVE™ Soap Dispenser in Black, White, and Satin NickelWAVE™ Soap Dispenser was introduced in 2007 in Europe and the United States.  This stylish and elegant Wave™ soap dispenser has a sleek and simple lines.  Manufactured by Better Living Products, the WAVE™ liquid soap dispenser is easy to install and reliable.  The Pump comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacture.  Designed for the shower, bath, or kitchen the WAVE™ soap dispenser is the most innovative soap, lotion, shower liquids, and hand soap dispenser for home, hotel, corporate offices, and exclusive restaurants.

Available in three colors:

Use the WAVE™ Dispenser in the kitchen, over the vanity, sink area, in the bathroom, over the tub, and in the shower.  Use the dispenser for shower gels, bath soaps, shampoo, or hand sanitizer gels.



WAVE™ Soap Dispenser Satin Nickel 74133 | Buy Online


  • Easy to open and fill
  • Lid is secure with lock
  • Holds 15oz (440lm)
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Pump with Lifetime Warranty
  • Installs in minutes without tools

WAVE™ Soap Dispenser White 74150 | Buy Online


  • Adheres to any wall surface, with silicone adhesive and two-way tape (included)
  • Eliminates shower bottle clutter
  •  Customize the look by adding a second, third or fourth unit

WAVE™ Soap Dispenser Black 74188 | Buy Online


  • Dispenses the same amount each time
  • Dispense:
    •  shampoo
    • conditioner
    • shower gel
    • lotion
    • liquid soap

Easy to Fill


The WAVE™ Soap Dispenser is easy to fill.  Open the front cover using the key in the lock at the top.  Ounce the cover is open, remove the refillable reservoir.  Fill the reservoir with the desired liquid.

Key LockOpen CoverFill Reservoir
wave_with_key_lock.jpg (569000 bytes)wave_pouring.jpg (754304 bytes)

Easy to Install

 The WAVE™ Soap Dispenser is easy to install and comes with every thing needed.

Manufactured to Last

The Wave™ Soap Dispenser is built using ABS Plastic for the housing and PVC Plastic for the bottle.  The pump comes with a lifetime warranty.  Better Living Products manufactures this product to last several years.






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